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High Bridge Management Academy™ is a unique online program designed for graduates and young professionals to perform at their best from the start of their careers and become star professionals.

Our team is an alliance of leading professionals in their fields with backgrounds in McKinsey, BCG, Bain and other top companies, with outstanding passion for teaching.

High Bridge is a rich experience designed to be the best consulting training participants have ever experienced.

Students and professionals from any country and background are welcome to apply. 

Bachelor students can be sophomores, juniors or seniors. 

Master’s, MBA, and Ph.D. students are also welcome at High Bridge.

Specific modules, like Module 2: Consulting Readiness Program, are aimed at young consulting and business professionals who are yet to start or have just started working.

We require advanced English, strong academic performance, and willingness to develop and participate.

A selection process will be conducted to define students who can participate in the program.

Prior experience is not required to take any of our courses.

Our program has professional instructors that will help each student reach their full potential.

Yes, all our Bootcamps are developed with MBA graduates in mind. 

We make sure the program is advanced enough even for young and ambitious people with working experience coming from the top schools in the world.

All our candidates are carefully prescreened, tested, and selected to make sure we create the most optimal cohort learning experience for each High Bridge class.

MBA students from Kellogg, INSEAD, Tuck, IESE, IE, and Oxford have already attended High Bridge.

It depends on the Regional Bootcamp. 

Normally, our Consulting Bootcamp is taught in English, but we also offer regional Bootcamps (e.g. Portuguese in Brazil).

Fluency in the language of delivery is a requirement to participate and will be tested during the Admissions Process.

You can apply any time to High Bridge, and we will consider your application for the next batch.

Here’s what you can expect from your application:

  1. Apply in only 1 min via our website 
  1. After reviewing your application and checking if you meet the requirements, we will invite you to the Online Assessment, where you will complete a short test and record a video
  1. If you pass the Online Assessment, you will be invited for an interview
  1. If you are approved to participate, you will receive the High Bridge Offer.

Applications close 5-6 weeks before the start of each bootcamp. You can check our brochure for the list of our upcoming scheduled bootcamps

Since we have limited spots every cycle, the earlier you apply, the better.

Upon receiving your offer, you will know if you have a seat for:

  1. Cash Tuition Payment 
  2. Income Share Agreement (ISA)

Under the ISA (Income Share Agreement), fees are 100% success-based.

You only pay for the bootcamp if you get an offer from a consulting firm.

The ISA tuition depends on the country you get the job in and the tier of the company.

Check out the Tuition Calculator on our website to easily calculate your tuition fees.

The ISA payments are not triggered, and no payment is due to High Bridge whatsoever.

No. If you have received a job offer after signing, but before the bootcamp, the ISA will not be triggered.

If your final interview takes place before the bootcamp, it will also not be triggered.

In this case, you can drop out and pay any dropout fees, or stay and leave the ISA open for future jobs that will trigger it.

No, internships and part-time jobs of 20 hours or less per week do not trigger the ISA.

But when they are converted to full-time positions, yes.

If a person transforms an internship they already had before the bootcamp into a full time job, no payment is due

Bear in mind that existing internships do not qualify for the rule of “Existing Tier”, meaning that if you have a Tier 2 internship, your ISA will be triggered if you go to another Tier 2 company as a full-time employee.

Our fees include live online workshops, exercises & drills, individual coaching that you need to unlock, resume & LinkedIn guidance, and all the study materials needed.

We don’t charge application fees. Applying at High Bridge is free, fast, and easy.

Yes, we do. Scholarships are awarded only to candidates with the highest High Bridge application scores and profiles that best match our program.

If you have any questions regarding our scholarships, please write to us at

Yes, we offer tuition discounts exclusive to Cash Payments for High Bridge students from developing countries

These students may be eligible for up to a 50% discount on their Cash Tuition Fees.

The precise amount of tuition discount depends on the chosen track and module.

If you have any questions regarding our scholarships, please write to us at

Payment can be securely made with international credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, or via bank transfer.

Please note that the available payment methods may change depending on your region.

Our instructors and speakers are experienced industry experts who have worked for top companies and who also have a passion for teaching and developing people.

You can check out our team here.

If you drop out after Day 1 of Module 1, you will be asked to pay only the drop-out fee. 

This is a progressive fee according to the number of days spent inside the bootcamp.