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Published on November 29, 2019 | by - highbridgeacademy

Why Consulting is a Great Start for Any Business Career

Why Consulting is a Great Start for Any Business Career


Many people work their whole lives to climb the corporate ladder to finally startworking on company-wide strategic problems.

But there are very few professions or opportunities where you can skip the years and jump straight to working on and solving these problems.

And yes, it is possible to achieve that milestone early in your career.

Find your chance to think and act like the executive.

While you may not be CEO (yet!), consulting presents a unique opportunity to exercise your strategy muscle and get exposure to thinking like a leader.

Step into the shoes of those who run the ship: Whether or not you stay in consulting, knowing what keeps senior leaders up at night, and knowing that you can help them address those issues, is a huge reason to get into the field.

Get a diverse experience: Due to its nature of varied and often frequently changing projects, consulting allows you rapidly try out different industries, work in diverse functional areas, and even explore various locations to see what you like most.

Learn new skills: Because projects are fast-paced and you are typically working with a number of teams, you get to learn quickly from those who are more experienced and will find yourself becoming a “quick expert” in all kinds of fields.

Joining a consulting firm is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build a vast and valuable network.  However, it is also really competitive. It is hard to get a job at the world’s best consultancies, where the acceptance rate is  often only 1%.

Yes, you need to beat the 99 other candidates who want the job as bad as you want, but it’s doable.

You can be the very best in the crowd.

One crucial distinction we have to make here is being “the best” vs. being “the best of the best”.

You may have always outsmarted everyone so far, but bear in mind that this is also true of each and every other candidate you are in competition with.

All of you are the best from your own respective backgrounds.  

Suddenly, being “the best” is not a guarantee of success; but just the bare minimum requirement to play the game at all. To land a job at top tier firm, you need to excel and distinguish yourself from the crowd of the very best.

You will need to do everything you can to make it through, especially if we are talking about the best firms.

But why should you care about getting a job with a top tier, MBB firm, as opposed to a lower tier one? They’re all good, right?

In short, no consulting firm is “bad”, but they are also not equal.

For sure, you’ll work the same 15 hour days wherever you go, but both the job itself and the rewards you receive for it will be very different even just between the first and fourth ranked firms.

The firms you start your career with will have a significant effect on your life, 10, 20 and even 30 years down the line.

And not just in terms of the money, but also the learning you acquire and the access to opportunities you get to enjoy.

Even if you decide to strategically exit management consulting and get into another industry, the skills and sheer prestige acquired from time at a top-level firm will open rare doors for you, which you will thank yourself for in the future.


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