Terms & Conditions


This agreement is not binding for High Bridge until the Student is accepted into a High Bridge Management Academy (hereon “High Bridge”) Program. Upon acceptance into the program and signature of the contract, the Student agrees to the High Bridge’s Terms and Conditions listed in this document. High Bridge’s program is an opportunity to gain work-related training and work experience in one of High Bridge’s bootcamp programs. The Student confirms that they are committed to completing the program and will do so to the best of their abilities.


High Bridge commitments

High Bridge aims to provide high quality, efficient and effective administrative and support services to Students, including:

  • Clear and accurate information about High Bridge and the nature of our programs.
  • Straightforward and timely enquiry, application, admission and related processes.
  • Responsive and readily accessible support and guidance and advice that promotes the well being of students.
  • High Bridge also gives every program participant the opportunity to provide formal and informal feedback on the quality of his or her experience. This feedback plays an important role in shaping High Bridge’s services
  • High Bridge offers full refunds (except for the Reservation Fee) before the program starts and proportional refunds once the program has started. See more details in the section Withdrawal policy & Money back guarantee.


Student commitments

The Student agrees to attend and participate in the High Bridge Program for the entire length of the Program.

High Bridge expects Students to be enthusiastic, cooperative and appreciative of the opportunities afforded through the Program.

The Student will be required to attend all lessons and workshops, and complete all assigments, including any additional study.

High Bridge reserves the right to establish and enforce reasonable rules and standards of conduct to facilitate the well-being and enjoyment of all program participants.

Failure to comply with such rules and standards may result in Students being barred from participating in the program.

The Student hereby releases High Bridge from all claims, demands, liabilities, obligations, damages, losses, costs and expenses related in any manner to the program removal.

Students are ambassadors for their home nations, universities and High Bridge. As such, Students are expected to be respectful of all the other participants in the program and the staff.

Examples of non-cooperation include, but are not limited to:

  • Fabricating, altering, or misrepresenting academic transcripts, test scores, academic standing, and statements.
  • Not actively working on the assigned project.
  • Skipping or missing classes and workdays at the project.
  • Not responding to High Bridge’s communications in a timely manner
  • Unreasonably refusing projects offered

Students who are deemed uncooperative will be notified by High Bridge, and may be dropped from the program.

Such Students may have the option, at the discretion of High Bridge, to rejoin the Program, provided that they cooperate and participate in good faith.


Application & Selection

In order to be accepted onto the program, the Student must complete High Bridge’s application process and be offered a place on the program.

High Bridge retains the right to reject any application deemed unsuitable for the program, in High Bridge’s sole discretion and at any stage of the application process.

High Bridge does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, age, national origin, citizenship, disability, pregnancy, or other any other legally protected characteristic. High Bridge does not reject applications based on any of these criteria.


Application fee

Under development


Program fees

Under development


Withdrawal Policy & Money Back Guarantee

Under development



High Bridge offers different tracks to students, comprising fully online courses.

Students are expected to attend all the online sessions to successfully complete the program.

High Bridge designs the curriculum according to its understanding of the best value that can be provided to students given the timeframe.

High Bridge is open to suggestions of students on what to include or exclude in the curriculum, but ultimately decides the content of the courses.

High Bridge’s Faculty is a body of highly selected individuals with work experience in leading companies. While this is always true, High Bridge does not guarantee any particular instructor to be part of the program.


Program changes

High Bridge will share the expected course curriculums with Students upon request.

High Bridge reserves the right to make changes, cancellations or substitutions to specific parts of the program according to its own judgement of what is best for Students.

Changes in the Faculty can happen up to the beginning of the program.


Cancellations by High Bridge

High Bridge reserves the right to cancel the Students’s program prior to the program start date for any reason, including an insufficient number of participants.

In the event of a program cancellation, High Bridge will inform the Student immediately and will offer the Student a full refund of all fees received from the Student, including the Reservation Fee.

The Student agrees that they will have no further claim against High Bridge for any loss or damage incurred as a result of this cancellation, whether direct, indirect or consequential.


Enforceable agreement

The Student acknowledges that they are bound by this Agreement when they submit the confirmation of participation in the High Bridge program.
This is a fully enforceable and legally binding agreement that has to be accepted by all Program participants.


Limitation of Liability

High Bridge’s aggregate maximum liability to the Student is limited to the amount of actual cash paid by the Student to High Bridge for the program.