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Values are a big part of what High Bridge stands for. I think the combination of both core educational material as well as sharing what High bridge stands for their values is extraordinary.

Taka M, Class 2London Business School

The vast applicability of the skill sets across professions and a vision of providing one of the best comprehensive education in case interview is something that intrigued me a lot

Naman N, Class 2

It is not just the knowledge I learnt on my own, it is the knowledge that I learnt with other people. I wasn’t just viewing my own growth; we could see everyone develop together.

Ekatherina D, Class 2UCL

I think of High Bridge as a professional incubator more than a class. It is accessible to everyone and it is just down to - are you willing to sacrifice your time on a Saturday or sometime during the weekday or non-business hours

Devon R, Class 2Isenberg

There's a big pool of coaches that I was able to meet during the coaching sessions. For me this was a tremendous advantage because I could choose from multiple different coaches, get multiple different perspectives in order to improve my personal development.

MirkoManagement Consultant, MBA at IMD Business School

High Bridge is there to help you with structuring your case interview, how to approach it, what should be expected, not only for the basic cases but also for the advanced ones.

You should be prepared for brain-teasing and you should be prepared for these long hours, but I think it's definitely something that you will enjoy and it's really worth the investment.

Yan C.Solvay Brussels School

It exceeded my expectation. I really started to think in a totally different manner. It has definitely changed a lot of things in my problem-solving skills and the way that I approach problems in terms of consulting and any other problems.

Mohamad F.MBA Candidate at HEC Paris

What I learned from High Bridge, I already applied them to my life. It had helped me make much more impact.

I was invited to Goldman Sachs campus talk and I felt like what I learned from High Bridge also applies to investment banking. So it's not limited to consulting, it's more like how you improve your skills and mindset.

High Bridge can be a shortcut to becoming a consultant.

Jingyao F.Incoming Associate Consultant at Siemens Advanta Consulting, PhD at Peking University

I wanted to be a high achiever no matter where I go, so it wasn't just about getting in, and I saw that High Bridge got that.

High Bridge has already changed a couple of things in my life. One of them is the way that I structure my communications and my thoughts. The second change that I see is in my problem-solving. I never thought that my consulting prep would help me with my hobbies. I think it's a tool that you can really apply anywhere.

The bootcamp experience, even though it all happened online, left me with so many connections and so many experiences. It was definitely surprising that the depth of the connection that we were able to establish.

Liana A. Z.American University in Dubai

All of the people who taught us, which were only ex-consultants coming from McKinsey, BCG, or Bain, have been extremely good in brining their point through. And having critical feedback sessions has been very impactful in my learning.

What makes High Bridge great is international exposure, diversity of content, and the ability to develop yourself.

Lisa HellwegerLisa HellwegerMS at CEMS & NUS

Just had my 10 week intership performance review with my manager. They told me they would recommend me for a full-time role at Tesla in the future!

One of the biggest feedback I got was my strong communication skills both verbal and non-verbal. I applied many of the learnings at High Bridge during my internship and it definitely had been paying off.

Just wanted to say Arigatougozaimnas for your teachings! Your bootcamp has helped me to grow as a professional and I'm excited for the coming journey.

TakaIntern at LBS

I managed to get an internship at a boutique strategy consulting firm here in London! They only took 2 people! Also, I'm very happy that it was my first consulitng interview during which I was calm, structured and made no MATHS mistake being able to think clearly and logically (also partially thanks to mentors who pointed out that fear and lack of confidence were my biggest weaknesses) Thank you!!!

Lenka ElekovaLenka ElekovaStrategy Consultant Intern at STL Partners, University of Cambridge

I really appreciate the training and experience High Bridge has provided me! I got an offer from Orsted, the largest energy multinational power company based in Denmark, especially in the offshore wind power! I will be the associate of the EPC head. Through the interview, I could see the power of High Bridge. I've become more confident and calm when sharing my experience. Also, when I tackled the case interview, I could see my presentation skills has gotten much sharper than before!

Morris ChenMorris ChenAsset Management Intern at Orsted

Joining High Bridge has been one of the best decisions I've ever taken in my life. Thank you for your energy, passion and hard work in every single session whether it was a 9 am skills drill, a socializing game in the afternoon, or a bonus workshop on the weekend.

Avi KumarAvi KumarEngagement Manager at London Strategic Consulting, London School of Economics

To be very honest, High Bridge has been a remarkable and rewarding experience full of learning (and I guess that line is even an understatement). As I said before, this is my very first international experience. Words cannot describe how happy and blessed I am to have a chance of making new friends and understanding how other people from all over the world think and behave. Let alone learning how to be a consultant.

I believe that this experience is key to me, not only for the next 6 months when I apply for top consulting firms, but also for the next 60 years when I live as a problem solver.

Hizkia HutabaratHizkia HutabaratUniversity of Indonesia

What our Students are Saying

All reviews of the Eurasia March 2021 Cohort

Very helpful for a beginner like me. Now I know exactly how to start, lead and end a case. I feel more prepared to apply for consulting roles, and my mindset regarding communication and approaching problems in general has also changed.

Jorge R.

It was very helpful. I feel that my thinking has become much more structured and I am able to visualize a business problem a lot better than 7 weeks ago. I can now even lead cases (which was a weakness for me earlier).

Jagriti D.

I feel confident enough to crack an interview more than ever. Thank you team.

Shreekumar S.

you're doing a great job. more prepared, clear outline of the case process and what firms are looking for

Jonathan L.

The 7 skills methodology, learning from best-in-class mentors, and practicing with peers will definitely definitely be very helpful for future case interviews. more tired, but also confident that I have the right tools to land a job at a consulting firm

Carlo G.

I benefited a lot already and as I said before, even more important I know where my skills lack. I feel much more confident in my ability to tackle cases successfully

Fatima A.

Need help from team on cvs and cover letters screening. Way more confident in my application and way more knowledgeable

Maarten D.

I believe it will help me to secure an interview and offer. Never anticipated this rigorous training

Pranav R.

I feel so much more confident now and ready to case interview.

Aaron J.

Without HBMA, especially at this moment of my life, I don't think I would have been able to force myself to deep dive into consulting prep. It really helped a lot to focus and structure my preparation. (…) I definitely feel more confident about my skills when tackling a case ! Thank you 🙂

Leonie F.

I think it has helped me a lot in terms of structuring and brainstorming. Way better in terms of my understanding of what being a consultant is like (…), how I should go about casing and also I am trying to bring more structure and a top-down approach in my daily life.

Giacomo G.

HB has given me a clear idea of what I am good at and what I need to improve on. They have also given me the resources to improve. Hopefully I can use the available resources to the best extent. I feel more prepared and better equipped with concepts and applications

Aritro S.

I feel much more confident that I can clear a management consulting interview; I have a clear idea of what I need to work on to do so

Dhayanand D.

I do believe that my understanding of how to tackle and structure a case interview have improved by a lot. I have a better idea of  the business acumen needed to pass it (…) I was never aware clear on the approach for personal fit questions, (…) I learned a lot, but it was definitely intense.

Christy C.

When I first started the boot camp, I thought it was quite difficult to pass the case interview without being a business graduate or an MBA. However, I feel like now I know the tips and tricks (…) I feel like I know all of these better now. I do believe HBMA has increased my chances of
passing the interview by at least 50%

Ayesha I.

Comprehensive content. Clear structure. Easy to follow improvement steps. Mind like peers to train and improve together. I feel prepared to start applying with a lot more confidence then first.

Jasper W.

The bootcamp was especially helpful for me as a non business student - the business, finance, and marketing workshops (…) I feel more confident, especially when it comes to start of the case (I know what to do), structuring, and communication.

Alberto G.

It has provided me with the tools and techniques to keep the conversation going in an interview and crack the cases. I feel that I have tried my best to take in as much as I can throughout the seven weeks, but now I have to revisit my notes to really make sure I understand the things taught

Alison Y.

More structured and confident to crack cases in an interview.

Pushpender S.

Definitely I have learned a lot about how to approach case interviews. Receiving feedback on the case practice has been very helpful.

Ovan T.

I knew nothing about consultancy before this, so the Bootcamp has been amazing. I feel more aware of what is expected in a case interview, and more aware of my strengths and weaknesses

Madalina K.

The bootcamp has improved my learning, thought process and changed the way I am supposed to approach a problem. I've learnt a lot about consultancy, but I am actually less sure if I want to be a consultant (…)

Belinda D.

From knowing nothing about Case, you guys have equipped me with the right tools to tackle the interviews! (…) As compared to the first day when I look at myself now, I have seen a lot of improvement in my thought process, thinking calmly about the problem, increased my interest in learning about the different industries

Gargi C.

I hate uncertainty, not knowing what I should do when the case is given. Now I am more confident and at least equipped with the toolset to tackle the case. I am a different man than when I joined 🙂

Fuga I.

Better informed about cases

Winston T.

Will help very much. I feel I am more structured, more informed and more motivated

Enrico R.

I am not sure if this preparation is sufficient. But I feel much prepared and with renewed perspective

Dhruv V.

I feel more confident than when I had started

Aman S.

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