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All Welcome to Apply

We Offer Two Payment Methods:
Income Share Agreement and Cash Tuition Fee

Through an Income Share Agreement (ISA), you pay a small part
of your future annual salary instead of paying
your tuition upfront or getting a loan.

Just focus on your education

We take care of your tuition fee
and you don’t need to pay anything
until you make it to a top job.

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High ROI

Our tuition options, whether ISA or cash, are just a fraction of your future salary.

Trust We Work Hard for Your Results

High Bridge is fully aligned with your success.
We only get paid when you get paid,
and everything we do is to get you there.


ISA Payments

After you secure a top job offer and start working, you begin paying your tuition until you reach the cap or your ISA expires.

Your tuition covers all 3 Modules
of the Consulting Bootcamp

Module 1 –
70 hours

Immersive Case
Interview Course

Module 2 –
60 hours

Readiness Program

Module 3 –
40 hours

Leadership School


Alumni Masterclasses


How Isa Works

You’ll only start paying tuition once you land a job.


Other Information

High Bridge is designed to be effective, simple and fair

Changing Jobs

If you are already employed by any firm listed in the tiers, the ISA is only triggered if you move one or more tiers up.


Internships do not trigger the ISA, only full-time jobs at the target companies in the 4 tiers.

Cash Settlement

If you get a High Bridge Offer, you might be required to pay the Cash Tuition Fee upfront. If you get the Income Share Agreement (ISA) offer, you may also decide to settle it with cash upfront instead of the ISA.

Module 1

Ace Your Consulting Interviews

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Module 2

Master Job Skills of Top Consultants

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