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Remote & flexible work
Sometimes challenging – but always fun


Open positions at
High Bridge Academy

Location: Remote & flexible

We are looking for remote Country Managers in US/Canada, Latin America, Brazil, Europe, Middle East, Africa, China, India, Southeast Asia, Korea & Japan, Australia & New Zealand to join our Sales team.

This is a part-time (10-20 hrs/week) contractor role.

You’ll be focused on expanding and extending our global reach through expert discovery and exploration of new and untapped synergy opportunities and relationships.

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Location: Remote & flexible

We are looking for Social Media Specialist to join our Creative team!

This is a part-time (10-15 hrs/week) contractor role.

You’ll work on things like: researching & brainstorming content ideas, writing engaging social media copy, leading creatives to achieve desired outcomes, managing the content calendar.

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Location: Remote & flexible

We are looking for skillful Generalists to join our growing team!

This is a part-time (10-20 hrs/week) contractor role.

Based on the fit between the skills needed for the specific position and your learning goals, you will have the opportunity of working in one or more of the following areas:

  • Operations: Help run our bootcamps to ensure a smooth experience for our students
  • Content creation: Research & create new workshop content for our bootcamp
  • Marketing: Create marketing content for email campaigns and social media
  • Others: Work on B2B Business Development, Data Analysis, Product Management, Case Competition Management, etc. 

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Location: Remote & flexible

We are looking for skillful Partnerships Associates to join our growing team!

This is a part-time (20 hrs/week) contractor role.

You will be trusted to take the lead, use initiative, and build long-lasting relationships with student clubs, universities, and consulting firms to bring high-quality applications to High Bridge.

You will connect personally with potential candidates, listen to their needs, evaluate the fit with the High Bridge Bootcamp, build trust and, if suitable, recommend the Bootcamp or any other solutions to help them.

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“Menta” a new venture from High Bridge

Location: Remote & Flexible


We are looking for skillful Marketing Analyst to join our growing team!

This is a part-time(10-15 hrs/ week) contractor role.​

Marketing: Find and qualify leads, optimize the beta landing page and analyzing the funnel and conversion rates.

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About working at
High Bridge Academy

High Bridge Academy offers leading virtual bootcamps that are delivered by a team of 60+ ex-McKinsey, Bain, and BCG consultants with over 200+ years of combined consulting experience. High Bridge is dedicated to bringing elite interview and consulting skills to young talents and aiding them in securing jobs at leading companies and allowing them to thrive in their careers.


If you are eager to develop yourself in a high-performing environment and want to work with a great team of vibrant people like you, this is a great opportunity. Our previous employees have gotten job offers at top consulting firms (e.g., McKinsey, Bain, and BCG) and other strategy consulting firms after working with us!

High Bridge Academy
Core Values

This is what it means to be a true Highbridger.


Highbridgers persevere confidently in the face of fear, risk and conventional beliefs.

They are natural experimenters, open to people and new ideas. 

Never afraid of putting themselves out there, they dare to do and take the initiative over and over again.

They have a growth mindset and see feedback as fundamental to become their best selves.


Highbridgers stop frequently to reflect upon their past experiences and goals.

Their past experiences inform them about what to continue, start and stop doing to reach new heights.

Their goals are revisited periodically to realign their present actions and guarantee consistency.

Highbridgers love growing and that feeling of ownership over their own development. 

They understand that incremental evolution is the most powerful force in nature.


To achieve their goals, Highbridgers execute with steady and rigorous effort. 

They understand that small habits add up and make conscious efforts to build those habits.

Highbridgers are proud of their high standards of execution. 

They are reliable and don’t let anything slip through the cracks. 

Highbridgers understand that through discipline, we unlock more time and freedom.


Highbridgers know that laser focus is THE superpower to have because the mind needs to process one thing at a time to do it truly well.

They prioritize where they spend their energy, and ruthlessly say NO to everything else. 

They understand how vulnerable our minds are to distractions and take action to minimize them.

Caring Alliance

Each Highbridger is a substantial positive force in the alliance and actively builds lifetime relationships in the network. 

They trust and develop one another and give help without expecting anything in return. 

Whenever they go through difficult situations or have hard decisions to make, they remember that they can count on the High Bridge community for support and advice.