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Here’s why you need international experience

Published on November 29, 2019 | by - highbridgeacademy

Here’s why you need international experience

Here’s why you need international experience


When it comes to recruiting, hiring managers are looking for professionals who have a diverse experience and portfolio; individuals who have been exposed to more advanced processes, skills and structures in international jobs.

That’s why having a varied experience is so important.

Working with people from different, multi-cultural backgrounds exposes you to different working styles. It also lets you develop stronger communication skills and gain confidence as you progress further in your career.

Look from the employer’s perspective.

In most multinational companies, teams usually comprise of professionals from different parts of the world. Candidates with an international experience usually have an edge when getting hired.

But it doesn’t just stop at hiring.

Your network grows bigger. Accepting a role in another country helps you establish a network of valuable contacts that you might not find in your own city.

You gain more experience. Working at a different location also enables you to stay updated about the latest developments in your field as you progress your career, especially if your overseas role is in a more developed market.

You learn newer skills. Plus, working abroad gives you the chance to develop cross-cultural communication skills.

Overseas experience on your CV will give you a valuable competitive advantage when you return home. A global perspective is highly regarded by employers, and can lead to excellent opportunities into the future.

On the other hand, one can’t ignore the lifestyle factors of working overseas.. You will get the chance to see new places and make new friends. You will discover independence and freedom like never before. And after all that international networking, you might find yourself taking up new hobbies and sports.

In short, international experience offers a unique immersion and transformation opportunity. You end up discovering a whole new you.


The High Bridge Answer


By definition, the High Bridge program is truly international.

You will leave your home country and land in a new, exciting destination. We will be transparent: it will not always be easy. But to grow and learn, one needs to face adversity and challenges. Putting yourself out there is the first step to discovering your real strengths.

By the end of the program you will emerge as a new, better self. You will have a trove of new stories to tell family and friends, and of course your interviewers too in the leading companies you decide to apply to. You will be more experienced, independent, and confident.

It’s a life-changing experience, and is well-worth taking the plunge.

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