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Week 4 and 10

Get a guaranteed internship and put your newly acquired skills in practice. Solve a true challenge for a local company and craft a remarkable story to tell. Come back to class once a week for more training and learning discussions. Workload: 4 day per week (32 hours) and 1 day per week in the classroom for class discussions, productivity hacks and the work lab .

Week 3

Attend to an intense course where you will acquire an advanced consulting toolset to thrive in solving any business problem. Participate in our work lab to simulate real work episodes and know how to handle any situation. You will also practice cases interviews for your job applications and attend to a German work culture crash course. Workload: 8 hours of classes per day and 2 hours of homework

Week 1 and 2

Two weeks before starting the program on the ground, attend the Case Interview training course and complete assignments. Review the basic consulting concepts to prepare to hit the ground running from the the first minute of class. This allows you to maximize your productivity during the course. Workload: 2 hours of classes per day and 2 hours of homework.