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Published on April 24, 2020 | by - highbridgeacademy

Top 5 reasons why education is the best investment

Tired of studying? Worried about loan repayment? Maybe it’s time to get a job? NO! Here are 5 strong reasons to invest in your education.

Have you found yourself thinking, “Why am I investing so much time and energy into my education? Is it really worth it?”

The answer is “yes”, and we’re going to give you the top 5 reasons why.


Your income

Let’s begin with perhaps the main reason people get an education: to increase their incomes. UNICEF reports that your income will increase 10 percent for each year of education. The Harvard Business Review states that those with graduate degrees are usually paid 25 percent more. Those are pretty impressive ROIs, right?


Your country’s “income”

Did you know that your education can benefit the country in which you live? The GDP of your country can increase by 18 percent per year of your education. In fact, education is one of the main ways in which we can reduce world poverty.


Your career options

Back in the day, people worked for the same company all their lives and got a gold watch as a retirement present. Today, people spend up to 5 years at a job, changing about 12 times during their working lives.

In addition, the AI wave means that human jobs are undergoing significant changes and will continue to do so. Some jobs will only be done by robots, eliminating the need for “live people.” Other positions are going to get revised job descriptions as increasing automation changes the way in which things are done. New jobs will be created due to needs which never before existed.

To keep yourself competitive in such a fluctuating job market, your skills and qualifications need to be future forward. Education is the key. In addition, the greater the variety of tools you have in your professional portfolio, the more options you have—including making a total career change if you’ve reached the end of the line in your current one.


Your quality of life

Would you be surprised to learn that the average person spends of their life at work? The only thing you spend more time doing is sleeping. That means the majority of your waking hours are spent at your job. Not only that, but they are the best part of your waking hours. In other words, the hours during which you feel the most awake and alert.

Wouldn’t it be better spending this time doing something that gives you satisfaction, perhaps even joy?

Education means that you can qualify yourself for the things that you like doing. As a result, your work is not only supporting you financially but also helping you to live your best life.


Your contribution to world peace

If you think it is an exaggeration, think again. Education empowers. According to the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, it is “central to human well-being and sustainable development.”

How do you play a part?

Education has a knock on effect. At the lowest level, your education benefits you. One step up, your education benefits your family via the higher income you can bring and the knowledge you can pass on about living a better life. Let’s keep widening the circles.

Children of educated parents tend to be educated. The more educated people there are in a community, the more prosperous the community usually is. The more prosperous communities in a country, the better off and more peaceful the country as a whole is.

Once every citizen of every country has a good life, many of the reasons for violence disappear. The overall result will be shared prosperity, a cared-for planet, and a more peaceful world.

All these 5 important reasons mean that education is one of the best investments you could ever make.

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