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Boots camp section

20 Freem Bootcamp Seats To Be Won

Joining is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

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  • Application Submission

  • Motivational Letter

  • Written Challenge

  • Video Assessment

No prepration is needed.

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How To Win Your Golden Ticket

Rewards at Every Turn

Application Submission: Start by filling out the application form.

If selected, you’ll move on the next stage.

If not selected, you still earn a 10% scholarship towards our Bootcamp.*

Motivational Letter: Successful candidates will then submit a motivational letter.

Demonstrate your drive and vision to progress to the next stage.

If your journey ends here, you recieve a 20% scholarship.*

Written Challenge: This stage tests your analytical skills with a variety of questions.

Excel to advance to the final stage.

If not selected, a 50% scholarship is yours.*

Video Assessment: The final challenge is a Video Assessment.

Stand out with your solutions to win a Full Scholarship and seat in our Consulting Bootcamp Module 1.

If not selected, you can still claim a 50% scholarship.*