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The High Bridge Consulting Bootcamp was designed over 50 ex-MBB consultants to be multiple times superior than any other solution available in the market

  • Superior to standalone coaching, because it boosts coaching by combining it with workshops & assignments
  • Superior to self-study, because it provides a step-by-step consistent methodology that stimulates discipline
  • Superior to any FREE materials available, because your competition has access to the exact same materials out there

If you are really serious about getting a top Consulting job and eclipsing everyone else trying to get the same jobs, it’s crucial that you make your interview training a real priority, and present your absolute BEST version of yourself as a candidate.

  • There is no time for reinventing the wheel if an elite team has already cracked this for you
  • There is no space for making known mistakes in the interviews
  • There is no rationality in taking unnecessary risks for something so pivotal in your career

Accelerate your future & thrive in a competitive world by completing High Bridge training!

My experience with High Bridge Management Academy was excellent, and I recommend it to people who want to go into consulting…

John Black


High Bridge has been transformative! The top three invaluable things that have come from being accepted into this consulting academy has been:
1) going from knowing little about consulting to being an excellent interviewer, and successfully solving several cases…

Pricila Chavez Lara


High Bridge is an excellent school for anyone looking for their first consulting offer or who are already in consulting but looking to achieve MBB Level 1 (Mckinsey-Bain-BCG). Here you have contact with amazing professors, consultants and former consultants…

Matheus Badega


We definitely take the opportunity to work in Consulting very seriously.

  • Consulting pays 30-50% more in early years than industry jobs, often including generous signing bonuses
  • Consulting hypercharges your learning in the years of your life that will set the course of your career
  • A top consulting firm’s “stamp” on your CV opens doors that would hardly ever be available otherwise

High Bridge is the emerging leader in Consulting Interview Preparation

You have probably already invested many years in your education

But you will only fully tap into the rewards
if you get the LAST MILE right: landing an outstanding place to work
with other brilliant people to help you grow

In less than 3 years of operations, High Bridge has helped candidates
from all over the world secure top consulting offers

The Consulting Bootcamp is a one-of-a-kind intensive online program that combines

  • Eye-opening Workshops
  • Laser-focused Drills
  • Insight-loaded Assignments
  • Immersive Live 1-1 Coaching Sessions

Winning companies hire McKinsey, Bain and BCG to solve their most pressing problems.

Hiring the right partners has become a crucial business skill and determines who gets ahead Whom will you hire?